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The last CONFERENCE CALL for the CND60

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Dear ALL members of clomid the CND(2008) Committee,
The FINAL Conference Call (Teleconference) will be held on 20. January 2008 (SUNDAY) at 4 pm.(16:00 hrs).

The tentative Agenda is:-

1. Update on ticket sales from each region and estimation

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of final income
2. Adjusting the Budget (Expenses on Music, Travel costs, Video documentations etc.)
3. Updating the star singers application for visa.
4. To allow

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od not to allow unauthorized video
5. Security
6. Reinigung

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at the end of the event
7. Ticket counter
8. Dances
9. Food and beverages
10. The ceremony in detail

dr gary m levin

Please add in any uther suggestions here.


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New Year Message for all CCG members.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008


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Dear All

Brothers and Sisters

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Happy New Year.

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I wish you all my sincere and simple regards for the new Year that peace, love, fortune and success be with you throughout the New Year.

Please See the attached file and that is the compulsory new year issue in burmese version for all CCG members. If those who cannot read it in Email then please let me know, I will try to send it by post.

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Best Regards

Ko John

Vorstand Vorsitzender(Chairman)

Attchment file : CCG ec Issue 2008

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